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Thread Protectors

Thread Protectors
Oilfield Thread Protector, Plastic Oilfield Thread Protector, Thread Protector manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Thread Protectors, Plastic Pipe End Caps and Plugs, Standard Thread Stainless Steel Pump Manifold for Mustistage Pump Systems and so on.
Product Details:

Thread protector is used to protect the threads of a pipe during transportation and storage. So the thread protector has a very important role in the oilfield industry.Our heavyweight plastic thread protectors are made using 100% virgin HDPE, giving the highest quality and durability.

The thread protector is a manually-operated device for protecting external pin-end threads on casing, on tubing and so on , all the line pipes. Designed to protect the thread steel tubing ends and prevent water, dust, corrosive agents, UV rays and other elements to reach the thread area.  Our thread protectors are the necessary counterpart of casing, tubing ,drill pipe to protect the thread and connection from measurably impacting in transportation and loading and unloading. Our thread protectors are used for casing ,tubing ,drill pipe with size from 2-3/8 to 13-3/8, round thread, buttress thread and NC, with different colors as required by our clients.

Precision engineering of moulds and machining ensures complete thread engagement, preventing protectors stripping or vibrating off pipe. Complete coverage of seal areas prevent damage to tool joint faces and prevents moisture intrusion into critical areas.

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