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High Collapse Casing Pipe

In order to satisfy the requirement for high-collapse strength casing owing to the special environment where the geological conditions were extremely complicated and the external stress, High strength collapse resistance casing were developed to better cope with the severe geological conditions. High Collapse (HC) grades exhibit higher collapse pressure than what is determined by API 5CT/ISO 11960 products.
Product Details:

Product Details

Kunyuan Petroleum Equipment provides the High Collapse Series of proprietary steel grades for oil and gas wells where high external pressures are anticipated and collapse resistances higher than API are needed.

In addition to uniform external pressures, the reservoir can exert high pressures due to ground movements or saline strata, subjecting pipes to extreme localized external pressure.

Our mills have developed the high collapse casings such as: 80T, 90T, 95T, 110T, 125T, 80TT, 90TT, 95TT, 110TT, 125TT casings.


·Process control

1) To control strictly the inclusions in steel via the purity steel melting technology.

2) To control strictly the wall thickness and ovality of the tubes during the hot rolling.

3) To guarantee the yield strength and surface quality through the temperature and atmosphere control in the furnace during the heat treatment.

4) Through the second sizing and on line hot straightening after heat treatment, strictly control the residual stress, OD, ovality and straightness.


Third party inspection

Third party inspection is preferred by new customers are provided to be convincing. Through years of operation, KPE has established stable contact with world famous third party inspection authorities, like BV, SGS, INTERTEK ect.  and more than 50000 ton of steel pipes/tubes from KPE had been inspected by them. 

If you are interested in our high collapse casing pipe, welcome to place an order with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are always at your service.

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