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CO2 Resistance Casing and Tubing

CO2 Resistance Casing and Tubing
KPE--Kunyuan Petroleum Equipment could supply Economical Corrosion Resistance Tubing and Casing that could meet the requirement of CO2 corrosion resistance. It’s a economical choice than the duplex stainless steel and nickel alloy. CO2 resistance casing and tubing has a wide use in the oil industry.
Product Details:

Product Details

Our CO2 resistance casing and tubing contains low lever Cr, is a good solution for the above points in the CO2 oil-gas well with a reasonable price.

The details of CO2 resistance casing and tubing is shown as below:

Standard  Technical Agreement

Anti CO2    

80-3Cr, 90-3Cr, 95-3Cr, 110-3Cr


4.83 mm - 22.22 mm negotiable

Outer Diameter

60.3 mm - 508 mm

Place of Origin   China


Economical choice of anti CO2

Test Method

SSC (NACE TM0117),CO2 autoclave simulated corrosion test


Our Factory

Our Certificates



If you are interested in our co2 resistance casing and tubing, welcome to place an order with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are always at your service.

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