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Anti-corrosion Casing and Tubing

Anti-corrosion Casing and Tubing
KPE has been devoting itself to providing comprehensive and high-quality products and services for global petroleum and gas industry for many years. It can not only provide common steel grade casing and tubing but also provide special steel grade casing and tubing. Anti-corrosion casing and tubing is a kind of special casing and tubing.
Product Details:

Product Details

Anti-corrosion oil casing series 

Anti-H2S Corrosion OCTG Series: 80S, 90S, 95S, 110S
High Anti-H2S Corrosion OCTG Series: 80SS, 90SS, 95SS, 110SS
Low Cr anti-CO2 Corrosion OCTG Series: 90-3Cr, 95-3Cr, 110-3Cr, 125-3Cr
Low Cr anti-CO2+H2S Corrosion OCTG Series: 80S-3Cr, 90S-3Cr, 95S-3Cr, 110S-2Cr
Low Cr anti-CO2+High Anti-H2S Corrosion OCTG Series: 80SS-3Cr, 90SS-3Cr, 95SS-3Cr 
High Cr anti-CO2 Corrosion OCTG Series: 80-13Cr, 110-13Cr
High Cr anti-CO2+H2S Corrosion OCTG Series: 80S-13Cr, 110S-13Cr

Steel purity - P ≤ 0.010%, S ≤ 0.006%; 
Performance is steady - all cross-sectional area of steel after quenching can receive more than 98% marten site, there will be fine even tempered sorbite organization after tempering 
Stress corrosion - to eliminate residual stress, surface corrosion of the structure to form one or several atomic layer of the high stability of alloy corrosion resistance group content of oxide film
Homogeneous - grain size ≥ 8 level, uniform hardness; 

•Wells with CO2 corrosion condition. 
•Wells with CO2+H2S corrosion condition
•Wells with CO2+H2S+Cl- corrosion condition

If you are interested in our anti-corrosion casing and tubing, welcome to place an order with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are always at your service.

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