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Teneris Hydrill series premium

  • Hydril PH-6 Premium Connection

    Contact NowHydril PH-6 Premium ConnectionKunYuan is now extending its product range to premium connections include weld-on connectors for large diameter casing This new development draws upon our extensive expertise in proprietary thread design and experience of welding and pipe manufacturing. Our connectors feature easy stabbing and...

  • Hydril PH-4 Premium Connection

    Contact NowHydril PH-4 Premium ConnectionThis premium connections provides reliable performance in the most complex ultra-deep water operations. This product has undergone seal ability tests based on API RP 5C5 standard, and has been successfully used by major oil and gas operators working in extremely demanding environments.

  • Hydril CS Premium Connection

    Contact NowHydril CS Premium ConnectionThe design of oilfield premium casing and tubing connections typically includes a form of buttress-type threads for the structural functions of the connection and a metal-to-metal radial contact section for seal ability. Many premium connections also include an axial metal-to-metal shoulder...

  • Hydril SLX Premium Connection

    Contact NowHydril SLX Premium ConnectionThe KunYuan's Premium Casing incorporates a threaded and coupled connection that performs successfully in a wide range of applications and environments for the oil and natural gas industry. Hydril SLX Premium Connection feature easy stabbing and trouble-free make-up for fast and reliable...