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Special size 13 5 8 13 625inch casing pipe manufacturers

  • Special Size Casing Pipe

    Contact NowSpecial Size Casing PipeCasing pipe is the major structural component of a well. And our company not only has the typical casing pipe but also has special size casing pipe. This kind of pipe has its unique use in the oil industry. This kind of the special size casing pipe can meet your special needs.

  • API 5CT Casing Pipe Sizes

    Contact NowAPI 5CT Casing Pipe SizesProperties of casing The American Petroleum Inst. API has formed standards for oil/gas casing that are accepted in most countries by oil and service companies. API has adopted a casing "grade" designation to define the strength of casing steels. This designation consists of a grade letter...

  • API 5CT LC SC BC Casing Pipe

    Contact NowAPI 5CT LC SC BC Casing PipeOur company has API 5CT BC/LC/SC casing oil pipe .We have Q125,P110,T95,C95,C90,L80,M65,N80,K55,J55,ect various grade for you option. The thread of casing pipe also has SC, LC, BC and so on. Our company has been audited by customers all over the world, also our products was always inspected by...

  • Laser Slotted Screen Casing Pipe

    Contact NowLaser Slotted Screen Casing PipeProduct Details The function of laser slotted screen casing pipe is to prevent the rock bits dropping into the well bore. The working principle is allowing the certain size sand coming through the surface with crude oil but keeping the bigger size sand being stopper outside to form sand bridge,...