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Hydril PH 4 replaceable connection price

  • BG Premium Connection

    Contact NowBG Premium ConnectionThe KunYuan's Premium connection has been designed to optimise stress distribution and reduce galling during power make-up. KunYuan's robust and durable design incorporates a metal-to-metal gas tight seal in conjunction with a reverse angle torque shoulder and together with the Buttress thread...

  • TP-JC Premium Connection

    Contact NowTP-JC Premium ConnectionThe KunYuan's Premium Casing incorporates a threaded and coupled connection that performs successfully in a wide range of applications and environments for the oil and natural gas industry. The KunYuan's Premium connection retains maximum metal to metal shoulder for over-torque protection ...

  • TP-G2 Premium Connection

    Contact NowTP-G2 Premium ConnectionOil and gas producers are reaching increasingly deeper underground and underwater to produce hydrocarbons. Our line of premium connections is designed to be user friendly on the rig floor while meeting your high-torque, high-pressure and high-build rate requirements.

  • TP-NF Premium Connection

    Contact NowTP-NF Premium ConnectionImproved butttress thread form with a taper of 1:16 and a lead of 5TPI, which can be measured by API gauge. The slim designed coupling provides the optimized clearance. Metal-to-metal seal surface can provide enough contact length and contact pressure. The streamlined internal profile minimizes...