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Vam FJL Premium Connection

Vam FJL Premium Connection
Our company devotes itself to providing all kinds of premium threads such as VAM series. The sizes that we can provide range from 1.66 inch to 20 inch, Steel grade including K55, J55, L80, N80, C90, T95 and P110. The Premium Connections have many tests such as NDT & Pressure Test & Third Party Certification & Non-destructive, Thread Inspection.
Product Details:

Product Details

I will tell you something about our premium connection’s detail.

VAM® FJLTM (Flush Joint Liner) is a 100% inside and outside flush integral connection providing maximum clearance with optimum strength for liners, moderate depth casing, and tight-hole tubing strings. VAM FJL is an integral connection threaded on plain-end pipe with the OD of the connection totally flush with the pipe body.

Sizes range from 2 3/8" to 11 7/8" for such clearance applications as tubing in small sizes, drilling liners and tie backs in medium sizes, and contingency liner in larger casing diameters

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If you are interested in our vam fjl premium connection, welcome to place an order with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are always at your service.

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