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TP-JC Premium Connection

TP-JC Premium Connection
The KunYuan's Premium Casing incorporates a threaded and coupled connection that performs successfully in a wide range of applications and environments for the oil and natural gas industry. The KunYuan's Premium connection retains maximum metal to metal shoulder for over-torque protection while reducing the cost and problems associated with premium non-upset connections.
Product Details:

Product Details

I will tell you some details about our product of Premium Connection of TP-JC.

The thread profile with 3° on the load flank, which meets mechanical locking condition, makes that fracture occurs under tension failure these, while jump -out occurs for API round thread. The thread critical section nearly equal to that of pipe body and enhances the joint strength.

Excellent Seal Ability-Gas Sealing Pressure Equal to 100% Internal Yield Stress


If you are interested in our tp-jc premium connection, welcome to place an order with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are always at your service.

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