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Premium Connection

  • TP-NF Premium Connection
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    TP-NF Premium Connection

    Improved butttress thread form with a taper of 1:16 and a lead of 5TPI, which can be measured by API gauge. The slim designed coupling provides the optimized clearance. Metal-to-metal seal surface can provide enough contact length and contact pressure. The streamlined internal profile minimizes...
  • TP-G2 Premium Connection
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    TP-G2 Premium Connection

    Oil and gas producers are reaching increasingly deeper underground and underwater to produce hydrocarbons. Our line of premium connections is designed to be user friendly on the rig floor while meeting your high-torque, high-pressure and high-build rate requirements.
  • TP-CQ Premium Connection
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    TP-CQ Premium Connection

    Premium connections guarantee performance with improved technology and the highest quality standards. Our connector’s feature are easy stabbing and trouble-free make-up for fast and reliable running, together with 100% ratings in tension, compression and bending. These products are built to...
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KUNYUAN is one of the leading premium connection manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory has rich experience in manufacturing high value-added and high quality premium connection. We will offer you the best quality and durable products. Please rest assured to buy.