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Premium Connection

  • Hydril CS Premium Connection
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    Hydril CS Premium Connection

    The design of oilfield premium casing and tubing connections typically includes a form of buttress-type threads for the structural functions of the connection and a metal-to-metal radial contact section for seal ability. Many premium connections also include an axial metal-to-metal shoulder...
  • Vam FJL Premium Connection
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    Vam FJL Premium Connection

    Our company devotes itself to providing all kinds of premium threads such as VAM series. The sizes that we can provide range from 1.66 inch to 20 inch, Steel grade including K55, J55, L80, N80, C90, T95 and P110. The Premium Connections have many tests such as NDT & Pressure Test & Third Party...
  • New Vam Premium Connection
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    New Vam Premium Connection

    Our company devotes itself to providing all kinds of premium threads such as VAM Series. We really appreciate every chance which can make us establish a pleasant business relationship, just remember high quality is our life, competitive price is our principle, good service is our base. New VAM...
  • Vam Top Premium Connection
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    Vam Top Premium Connection

    KUNYUAN Premium Connections have a wide range of types and sizes that fulfill most of the industries requirements.  Vam Top is globally recognized as setting the standard in reliability and performance, for threaded and coupled premium connections. It minimizes the risks that result from...
  • HSM-2 Premium Connection
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    HSM-2 Premium Connection

    As a member of the oil and gas industry, you need solutions that meet the needs of the ever demanding industry. KunYuan Casing Solutions has a comprehensive list of high-performance premium connection casings that are backed by our industry experience – bringing you only the best connections...
  • HSM-1 Premium Connection
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    HSM-1 Premium Connection

    Premium connection casings offer a special range of casing and tubing that are manufactured specifically for the Oil Country Tubular Goods industry. These products offer a higher-capacity of applications, including more complicated purposes. KunYuan Casing Solutions offers premium connection...
  • BG Premium Connection
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    BG Premium Connection

    The KunYuan's Premium connection has been designed to optimise stress distribution and reduce galling during power make-up. KunYuan's robust and durable design incorporates a metal-to-metal gas tight seal in conjunction with a reverse angle torque shoulder and together with the Buttress thread...
  • TP-JC Premium Connection
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    TP-JC Premium Connection

    The KunYuan's Premium Casing incorporates a threaded and coupled connection that performs successfully in a wide range of applications and environments for the oil and natural gas industry. The KunYuan's Premium connection retains maximum metal to metal shoulder for over-torque protection ...
  • TP-TS Premium Connection
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    TP-TS Premium Connection

    KunYuan is a world leader in developing premium connection solutions to meet the ever increasing demands of the world’s oil and gas industry. By developing solutions to cover a comprehensive range of the most severe applications and environments, KunYuan is comfortably positioned as a leading...
  • TP-QR Premium Connection
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    TP-QR Premium Connection

    KunYuan has much experience in Premium Connection. The assortment of premium connection gages are not restricted from sale in any way and are available in their standard design formats to be used and modified as necessary to accurately inspect any special connection feature. KunYuan is...
  • TP-BM Premium Connection
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    TP-BM Premium Connection

    As drilling requirements become more difficult and as the demand for performance increases, companies respond with new and improved connection designs to meet those customer demands. KunYuan has designed and built gauging solutions that ensure consistent quality of premium connections and have...
  • TP-FJ Premium Connection
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    TP-FJ Premium Connection

    KunYuan has the most widely used Threaded premium connection in tubing and casing sizes. KunYuan is the leader in premium connections including difficult applications such as very deep wells in extreme environments. TP-FJ is a versatile high performance premium connection with extra gas...
KUNYUAN is one of the leading premium connection manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory has rich experience in manufacturing high value-added and high quality premium connection. We will offer you the best quality and durable products. Please rest assured to buy.