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JFE Fox Premium Connection

JFE Fox Premium Connection
Fox™ is an advanced premium threaded connection for tubing, casing and line pipe. Its innovative thread geometry achieves substantial reductions in peak tooth loadings both on make-up and in tension. The FOX of products are designed for special applications. They may or may not be addressed by the API-Specifications. When the service application is addressed by an API grade, the FOX will exceed the API requirements.
Product Details:

Product Details

Fox™ is an advanced premium threaded connection for tubing, casing and line pipe.

The patented triple radius contour seal ensures superior over torque resistance and greatly increased seal stored energy. The result is a significantly reduced tendency to thread galling, combined with outstanding performance even under extreme loadings and rapid temperature change conditions.

Threaded line pipe requires high fatigue performance under long term exposure to cyclic bending in combination with internal and external pressure and axial loadings. FOX™ has been jointly designed by Hunting and JFE Steel Corporation to meet these challenges, and has been well proven in use worldwide. 


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