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Hunting SL HC Premium Connection

Hunting SL HC Premium Connection
Hunting-HC is a threaded and coupled non-upset connection designed for light to mid-weight tubulars. Features include: gas tight metal-to-metal seal, torque shoulder and hooked thread form. Connection geometry allows multiple make and breaks and virtually eliminates cross threading. Connection stresses are minimized to provide superior performance in H2S and CO2 environments.
Product Details:

The description of Hunting SL HC Premium Connection is introduced as below.


• Available in sizes 4 ½ “ - 13 5/8”


• Hooked thread design allows deep stab and quick make up (4-5 turns), reduced risk of cross thread
• Superior bending and torque resistance necessary for highly deviated well designs
• Dope Relief Groove to prevent entrapment
• All weights of a given size are interchangeable
• Stresses are minimized for superior performance in Sour Environments


• Metal to metal seal for gas tight applications
• Thread jump out is virtually impossible with hooked design thread

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If you are interested in our hunting sl hc premium connection, welcome to place an order with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are always at your service.

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