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API 5CT BC LC SC Crossover

API 5CT BC LC SC Crossover
A crossover is a one piece tubular section used for the purpose of joining or changing from one size, weight, or type of thread connection to the same or another size, weight, or type of thread connection. Our company has API 5CT BC LC SC Crossover.
Product Details:

Crossovers connect any two tubular sections that do not connect naturally. This tubular section can be casing, tubing, drill pipe or combination. Typical length of 24", 30", 36". Other lengths as requested. Available in API (5CT and 5CRA) and proprietary steel grades.

Product Details

Standard: API 5CT

Thickness: 5.21 -13.06mm

Outer Diameter:  114.3 - 508 mm

Length: 5-12m

Surface treatment: Bare, Varnished, Zinc coating, Anticorrosion. etc.

Model number: J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110,Q125, etc

Inspection: With chemical composition and mechanical properties analysis; hydrostatic test,

Dimensional and visual inspection, also with nondestructive inspection.

Application: Petroleum casing pipe is used to support oil and gas pipe wall, the drilling process and to ensure the normal operation after the completion of the wells.

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